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The imos solution is modular structured and offers four main modules. CAD, CAM, NET and DATA take over different parts of the design and manufacturing process so that jobs can be processed continuously from sale (imos NET) to the machine (imos CAM).

The furniture catalogue is based on the parametrical 3D CAD data that is directly developed from the design of the furniture (imos CAD). Thereby materials and fittings can be selected from the catalogues of the suppliers (imos DATA).

All four modules are linked together and result in an integrated solution.  

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With a broad pallet of functions and options, imos CAD allows the user to design the specified construction on the computer screen in no time.

The combination of a database with your specific construction methods and the flexibility to make job-based changes, makes sure that you follow the shortest way to design virtually any type of furniture.

Afterwards, 2D/3D drawings, cutting lists and BOM’s are generated for the production at the touch of a button.

imos CAD gives you the oppertunity to specify all the details of a design. Through it's userfriendly inferface you have access to the different layers in a job.

Furthermore, the database in imos CAD is open, so you can add or modify cabinets as you go, down to the edging details or drilling patterns of the hardware.

imos CAM translates the design into the required manufacturing files for your production.

The imos approach is simple: deliver ready-to-go CNC programs that contain all the correct tooling and manufacturing information.

The CNC files are made specifically for the job you are currently working on, avoiding the time-consuming editing of macro’s or writing programs by hand.

imos CAM generates files for beam saws, edgebanders, CNC nesting machines and CNC pod&rail machines.

imos NET is the internet based presentation and ordering system for innovative eBusiness solutions.

According to the motto “sales-to-machine“, imos NET offers integrated online solutions for selling furniture on the internet with a direct connection to imos CAD/CAM for the furniture production.

Examples for the sales and order processes via imos NET are direct marketing, trading or production outsourcing. Numerous solutions for the order configuration are in use - for both B2B and B2C.

The complete ordering process on the internet is uninterrupted connected with the order and production processes with a high convenience and the individualization in surfaces and functions.

imos 360

imos 360 is an innovative communication platform for the exchange of job information between manufacturer and customer. The manufacturer provides their customer the design and presentation data out of imos CAD via the Cloud. The customer uses their smartphone or tablet to look at the projects or comment them. The result: The customer becomes an active part of the process chain.


imos DATA supports the CAD designer when selecting and applying materials and fittings.

imos has developed comprehensive catalogues with intelligent connections, support materials, coatings, profiles and further ranges in association with manufacturers and distributors of the furniture supply industry.

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